New Fractured Air Mixtape & Interview with Rauelsson

Fractured Air continue their series of ever reliable mixtapes. The new May playlist includes both Tatu Rönkkö as well as Rauelsson beside some other favourites. Enjoy & check out the full tracklist on their website.

There´s also another interview with Rauelsson out on Spanish webzine Atonal. Raúl goes deeper into the background of his new album as well as locations and his musical evolvement. It´s in Spanish, but easily readable with a translation tool for the ones who speaks a different language.

Impressions from Rauelsson´s release concert at Auditorio in Castellón, Spain

Photo : Paco Poyato

These pictures were taken last weekend when Rauelsson was performing a special release concert for Mirall close to his home in Spain. He was joined by Tatu Rönkkö, Anne Müller, Peter Broderick and even a girls choir.
Tatu was also playing solo using his feet as you can see on the 2nd picture. His debut album Spheres will be out real soon on Sonic Pieces.

Read more about Rauelsson´s new album Mirall here :
A closer listen
De subjectivisten


Photo : Paco Poyato

Interviews with Rauelsson, Clarice Jensen & Mats Erlandsson

Personalmente veo los discos como álbumes de fotos, documentos que te ubican en el tiempo, tanto a nivel emocional como geográfico. Imagino que es una exploración personal que narra un viaje.

(Google translate) I personally see the albums as photo albums, documents that place you in time, both emotionally and geographically. I imagine it is a personal exploration that narrates a trip.
— Raúl Pastor Medall (Rauelsson)

Read full interview with Rauelsson about his new album "Mirall", taken from spanish newspaper Mediterràneo

Raúl Pastor Medall

Clarice Jensen
As both a cellist and a composer, my constant search is for integrity, in performing the work of others and shining its true essence, or integrity in truthfully and sincerely writing music that is inside me
— Clarice Jensen

Read full interview with Clarice about her new album "For this from that will be filled" (Miasmah) over at 15 questions


For me the importance of that album personally had to do with me being able to go out of the area where I felt most comfortable and push myself to do something different, in terms of how the music sounds, the recording processes and also dealing with the idea of collaboration.
— Mats Erlandsson

Read an interview with Mats Erlandsson about his thoughts on music, the Stockholm scene,  his collaboration with Yair Elazar Glotman and more. Taken from Stray Landings

Mats Erlandsson

Rauelsson - Mirall

Rauelsson´s follow-up to his first Sonic Pieces release Vora has been in the making for a long time, and we are so excited to finally share this with the world. Mirall will be available from us on LP and CD later this week. In the meantime you can already read a first review and stream a track on Fluid Radio.

For those who missed out on Vora, we will also offer a 2nd edition LP on silver vinyl.