Rrose Sélavy #054 @ Keith (Berlin, DE)
9:00 PM21:00

Rrose Sélavy #054 @ Keith (Berlin, DE)

RROSE SÉLAVY resurrects at Keith (Neukölln), 2nd of May after 2 whole years of post-NEU! bar silence. We coulden´t be more excited. Hopefully we´ll get it up and running on a monthly basis, but let´s have a first evening to check if we´re not too rusty.

The evening will be presented by the Rrose Sélavy resident Dj´s Erik K Skodvin ( Svarte Greiner / Miasmah) & Flow (Driftmachine / Morr Music). We hope to see both new and old faces and that you manage to sit through hours of interesting, terrible, loud, quiet, odd, beautiful and familiar music of all kinds. 

Keith, Wed. 2nd of May from 21:00. Free Entrance!
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3:00 PM15:00

Jasmine Guffond - EMU cakes #1 (Sydney, AUS)

Emu Cakes is a new event series from those behind Strange Signals that draws lines between the states attained when engaging with ambient, experimental, psychedelic, tribal and atonal music and performance with states attained during the modern electronic/club/techno/dance experience, presented in safe, diverse, inclusive, comfortable, attitude free environments.

BEE MASK (USA, Spectrum Spools, Room40, Editions Mego)
LOW FLUNG (live)
WDK (live)

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